Sheridan Public Arts Committee

Purpose of the Sheridan Public Arts Committee

The purpose of the Sheridan Public Arts Committee is to select and manage visual works of art displayed in outdoor City-owned areas, on the exterior of any City-owned facility, inside any City-owned facility (in areas open to the public), or on non-City property open to the public if the work of art is financed, either wholly or in part, with City funds or grants procured by the City. Art is vitally important to the quality of life of the citizens of the City, and the program is intended to encourage and enhance artistic expression and appreciation and to add value to the community through acquiring, exhibiting and maintaining public art.


The SPAC board consists of up to 15 members who serve 3 year terms.  Members are appointed by the Mayor with confirmation of the City Council.  Vacancies may be declared by the SPAC chair for any member who has three or more unexcused meeting absences within a year.