Weed/Snow/Parking FAQ

How tall can the weeds/grass get before it needs to be cut?
Weeds and grass are not allowed to grow over 12 inches before being cut.
My neighbors branches on his tree are growing over my fence. Can you make him cut his tree down?
No, we can't make them cut the tree down.  We will talk to them for you, but that is all we can do because this is a civil issue.
Can I dump my leaves in the gutter for the sweeper to pick up?
No, you CANNOT dump leaves in the gutter.  This is littering.  You need to bag them up and take them to a recycling center or the dump.  Green waste recycling is available at several locations throughout the city.

Green Waste Sites
How much does it have to snow before I have to clean my sidewalk?
If you cannot see the sidewalk, then it is time to shovel the snow.
How long can I park my car in front of my neighbors house without moving it?
The vehicle my be currently registered and operable in order to be parked on the street.  After that, the vehicle must be moved after 48 hours.
Can I park my camper in front of my house?
Only for 48 hours at a time.  After 48 hours, it must be moved or you can attach it to your vehicle and leave it there indefinitely.