Backflow Prevention FAQ


What is a Backflow Device?

A Backflow Device (assembly) is used to protect potable water (drinking water) supplies from contamination or pollution due to backflow. Essentially, they help protect our City’s drinking water from pollutants “back-flowing” into our water system. These devices are required to be installed, tested upon installation, and tested annually thereafter. 

So you got a letter saying your backflow assemblies need to be tested. What does that mean?

In order to remain in compliance with Wyoming DEQ, and City Ordinance No. 1946, your assemblies need to be tested annually. We track the testing of all of the City’s devices to ensure regular testing and maintenance is being completed. Your devices are on an assigned schedule-code, which means your specific devices will be due for testing the same month of each year, which is good to keep in mind for planning ahead. 

What Do I Do Next?

Give your backflow tester a call to schedule testing and ensure they can complete testing prior to your due date. If you’re not sure who previously tested the backflow assemblies at your location, don’t hesitate to give us a call at the City and we can let you know who has provided test results in the past. (You may also find this information on a tag located directly on your backflow device at times). That said, you are not required to utilize the same company every year, as long as the devices get tested appropriately and on time, so feel free to call any of the approved providers to schedule.

Who Can I Call?

There are many companies that provide testing for backflow devices. The local testers approved in our system include the following: 

Company Name




307 Plumbing

(307) 683-6174

975 2nd Ave East 


Apex Mechanical

(307) 680-1415

1800 W Warlow A 


A Plus Plumbers

(307) 672-9454

1150 Broadway 


Bluemel Plumbing & Heating

(307) 672-0702

1125 Leopard St  


Glen's Plumbing



Powder River Heating & Ac

(307) 674-4822

900 Gillette Street 


Rapid Fire Protection, Inc

(307) 257-3762

820 Wagon Trail Rd 


Rapp Plumbing & Heating

(307) 429-1196

125 N Sheridan Ave  


Zowada Plumbing & Heating

(307) 674-8254

PO Box 687 


*If you are a tester, and would like to be included in our system and on this list, please contact our office at [email protected]

I had my assembly(ies) tested but one or more failed. What do I do?
Per Wyoming DEQ Chapter 12 Policy, if any device is found to be defective or functioning improperly it shall be immediately repaired or replaced. Failure to make necessary repairs will be cause for the water service to be terminated at your location. 

Please work with your backflow tester to repair/replace your assembly as soon as possible. Your tester is then responsible to re-test after repairs to ensure a passing result, and is then required to provide an updated test report. 
Where Can I Get a Copy of the Test Results?
Your tester should provide you with a copy of your test results at the conclusion of their service. Please reach out to your tester to receive a copy of the results. If you aren't sure who last tested your devices, feel free to give us a call at the City at 307-675-4234 to see what we have on file.